Plumbing Tool Kit

Not always you’re available with an emergency plumber Toronto who can reach a location in 5 minutes and fix the issue. In such situation, you may require to resolve or handle or even rectify the plumbing trouble for short run only. Hence, to handle small plumbing emergency situation, TPG, plumbing service Toronto experts are imparting you with the following list of tools you must have in your home plumbing tool kit.


Pipes causing the problem of leakage, corroded, vibrating or clogging are complicated to handle in the long run and therefore, every homeowner must rush for plumbing services Toronto when something goes wrong with the pipes. However, it is recommended to fill your plumbing toolkit with a hacksaw which will help you to cut the piece of pipe or pipes out whenever required on a priority basis. Hacksaw is quick and cuts pipe inaccurate shape (recyclable).

Tongue and Groove Pliers

Having to call Toronto Plumbers isn’t a compulsion every time in the case, the situation is as little as loosening, tightening, opening, twisting, holding or pulling something. This can effortlessly be done with Tongue and Groove Pliers. Remember, both come in a pair of different size: 10 inches and 12 inches. It isn’t necessary for the homeowner to have both sizes of pliers, one can simply opt to purchase size according to own requirements.

Basin and Pipe Wrenches

Since the sink’s and faucet’s nuts are small enough — Basin wrench can be used to tighten or loosen these nuts. On the other hand, tightening and loosening of joints of pipes, threaded pipes, and huge nuts can be progressed effortlessly via pipe wrenches. One can also opt to make two individual plumbing toolkits by dividing tools according to size as some are too small to even count as one in hundred tools.

Hand Auger and Plunger

Both of the tools help to resolve the most common plumbing problem of clogging. Clogged sinks, drains, pipes, sewer lines and toilets can be unclogged using any of the above tools. In noteworthy of mentioning, you must opt to use a plunger in first place and Hand auger in case, the plunger doesn’t work out properly. More often than not, hand auger is used in cleaning or unclogging tub. Shower, faucets, and drain lines (not sewer lines).

This was an assortment of tools which you must upgrade to your plumbing tool kit. Remember to seek instructions before considering solving any plumbing problem by oneself; you can, unfortunately, end up expanding problem than before!