Pipe Leak

The control of water losses has been on the agenda of utilities since the first water transmission system has been built. Tens of billions gallons of water distributed through pipelines are been lost each day globally Pipe Leak. Among the main reasons of Water Leakage are pipeline corrosion and exhaustion, misuse, accidental damage of pipeline during construction or excavation works, malicious destructions etc.

Water utilities are challenged by the need to find ways to prevent leakage and minimize risk of large diameter pipeline breakdowns. Timely Plumbing Leak Repair will help to save transmitted water as well.

Leakage monitoring activities are directed on reducing water loss by localization of nonvisible leaks. Highly professional engineers and technicians utilize specialized equipment to detect and repair leaks. In-line leak detection services employ advanced leak detection technologies ranging from simple, visual line walking and checking to sophisticated hardware and software systems. Various operational conditions that define expediency and cost make impact on the choice of the most appropriate methods and tools.

The latest leak localization development is a surface sensor array that is used to detect leak sounds.

A radio frequency carrier signal is sent by the device into the ground and reflection is detected by an interferometer. This method identifies a leak with a high degree of precision.