Waterproof Basement Walls

Waterproofing the Basement has become a burning issue today. Nowadays basement serves not only as storage room for old stuff: it has been turned into an entertainment chamber where we keep many valuable items, such as flat-screen TV, leather coach, PlayStation and load of precious things Waterproof Basement Walls. There appeared a need to keep it all safe. How to manage this?

Options for Waterproofing your Basement

WATERPROOF YOUR BASEMENT WALLS – SAVE YOUR POSSESSIONSIn order to perform a miracle of Saving your Basement, we need to find out where from comes the moisture. The causes for it can be both Internal and External. For that we will perform a number of tests that will cost you absolutely nothing. [/lgc_column]

When the course of the problem is determined, here comes time to vanquish it. The three popular methods are: the Interior Water and Floor SealersInterior Water Drainage and Exterior Water Drainage combined with Water Proofing.

You have a couple of options for interior waterproofing for your choosing:

  1. Concrete waterproofing coating;
  2. Silicate based concrete sealers;
  3. Waterproofing paint with acrylic formula;
  4. Plastic sheets and panels.

But your best bet would be Exterior Waterproofing, just to keep the moisture out of your walls at all times.

Preventing the moisture in your basement is easy

The whole process is quite easy. All it takes is a little excavation around your house without damaging your garden. If the damage cannot be avoided we bring it to the minimum. Then the Waterproofing Panels are installed at the very base of your foundation with a drainage system to provide the water with an easy path down.

The panels go well above the ground to prevent the water from getting in between the wall and the panel. The Sump Pump is also Installed to aid the water into the necessary direction. In the end you have a Waterproofed Basement without any additional worries.

Choose your variant of Waterproofing

People often worry about the cost of the safety. But as they say: better safe than sorry. We provide the top quality service with free consultation over the phone or on the spot. Our service is available any time day or night. No matter the volume of the problem, be sure we will deal with it accordingly.

Our specialists will suggest the best option for you that would have a reasonable price. Do not worry about the financial side of the problem. We will do everything for you. All you need is to pick up the phone and dial our number.