Wet Basement Repair

What if you went to your cellar and discovered that it has some Wet Basement? Sometimes, the situation is so obvious and you know that the Basement is Soggy and it needs mending Wet Basement Repair. Nonetheless, if you are unsure if this problem occurred or no, then you can perform few tests that will reveal it.

The first thing that you can do is attentively inspect the vault’s floor. You need to search for the signs of dampness. If you have found anything suspicious, touch it with your hands and try to feel moisture. If it is there, then it could be a leaky basement issue. Another easy test involves an aluminium foil. It will help to discover from where the water is really coming from. Simply, secure a piece of an aluminium foil on the wall with the tape. After several days you need to check if the wall behind the foil and the foil itself has moisture or no. If it does, then your cellar is in trouble. It is a serious matter that can damage your foundation’s structure. To avoid it, you need to act ASAP.

Some of the Repair Solutions

  • Call us and order our services and we will repair the issue;
  • Drainage System Installation;
  • Drainage Tubing.

Once you dial tel. 416- 857-3930 you will have a free consultation regarding your matter. You will be explained the methods used to fix your particular problematic situation with the soggy vault. Professionals will find the most affordable price for the procedure needed and if you agree, the darn process shall begin.

The Drainage System needs to be installed outside of the foundation and below the level of the basement’s floor. This solution is very effective. Mostly, it can be done when the building process of the house isn’t done yet. However, only the master will decide what can be done.

Drainage Tubing (Weeping Tiles) will have to be installed under the basement’s floor. Moreover, it will have to be connected to the Sump Pumpand a Sump Pit. This quite difficult procedure can only be dealt by the professional’s hands that can keep clean and nice look of the surroundings.

Toronto Plumbing Group has a Solution

It is unlikely for an ordinary person to know for sure what caused a Wet Basement. The Sump Pump maybe broken, or the Water Leaks from the foundation’s concrete walls/the vault’s floor. Only specially trained people like TPG’s plumbers will know what went wrong in your cellar. Moreover, if this issue involves Changing Drain, Sewer, or Water Pipe, then our workers will do it all. Also, we can help with the documents for the “Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program”. Interested to learn more? Do contact us.