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Underground drain repairs (re-installation) done by Plumber Toronto in three different methods:
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Old water pipes were usually made of lead or were galvanized. There are lots of reasons for replacement of old water supply pipes.
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Protect your home from basement flooding! How to cut costs (up to $3400) with a rebate in Toronto plumbing?

Who is TPG - Toronto Plumbing Group ?

We are professional team with licensed plumbers. We have many years of experience in solving all kinds of plumbing problems of Drain Repair, Sewer Line Replacement, Basement Waterproofing, Drain Cleaning, Water Line Repair, Sump Pump Installation

Hire Plumber near you for plumbing works today – call (416) 857-3930!

Our company is located in Mississauga but we work with clients in all GTA including Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, North York, Toronto downtown, Toronto beaches, Toronto Midtown, North York, York, East York, Toronto West End, Toronto East End, Oakville, Thorn Hill, Vaughan, Bolton and Brampton area.

Our team of devoted and affordable best Plumber will deal with your house or office as with their own one because we work for perspective. One thing you have to pay attention to is that whether you go on working with us or not, we’ll consider your plumbing problem in detail.

Of course you have seen multiple Plumbing Service advertisements. So how can you find the best Plumber in Toronto among all the offers and discounts out there? Follow our advice and you will never have to deal with a “cowboy” companies in your life.

Toronto Plumbing Group has representatives all over the town so you can have a plumbing service in your neighborhood within a few hours. Try out our services. All you need is to call the hotline and we shall make sure the best Plumber near you arrives in a few hours. Plus we work 24/7 so you can have professional help whenever and wherever you need it. TPG takes the customer loyalty seriously and we have thousands of references to prove it.

Plumbing Group in Toronto provides closed circuit television inspection for Sewer Line and Drain Inspection...
Drains Repair by Toronto's plumber (re-installation) can be done in three different methods...
Plumber group in Toronto specializes in Underground Drain Cleaning and we have got all the necessary equipment ...

How TPG Can Improve Your House

We do not give out empty promises so here is a list of better the plumbing services. Think about the following:

  • First, we give professional consultations over the phone. Our customer service is very professional are here to answer all your questions and give you a professional advice.
  • We can answer your call 24/7 and solve the issue right away.
  • TPG will give you a detailed quote for the services before starting.
  • All the job is insured, and you get a money back guarantee, start your work only with professional.
  • We only use safe and Eco-friendly technologies.
  • 25 years of warranty on our drain repair and waterproofing works.
  • 22 years of experience in the plumbing business.

So, when you require a Best Plumbing Services, let our customer support know if you need help or have questions to the TPG company we will be happy to help you.

plumbing companies Mississauga

Phone us now and get a FREE consultation:
(416) 857-3930.

Having Trenchless Water Line Replacement you definitely save money as you don’t have to pay for destroyed pavements, yards, etc.
If you have got leakage because of pipe cracks, then Sewer Pipe Replacement, Repair should be done. At the moment we are offering a new technology ...

Are you looking for plumbers in GTA, sewer drain questions are of big importance for its inhabitants. When it comes to a question of drain repair, it can be worse than just drain beyond the simple blockage. Our plumbers examine your situation and decide what the best option for you is. Sometimes it is a trap that needs cleaning, refilling with water or reinstalling. When there is a clog in the drain or sewer pipe, a drain snake is usually used to clear them up.

We don’t use chemicals as they are not effective and don’t solve the drain cleaning situation. If the pipe is damaged, drain replacement or drain pipe repair (unblock, unclog) must be done. Our plumbers are trustworthy and skilled to access, repair and reseal your drains. You can be confident that each of them will get the job done to the highest possible standards.

Get a FREE advice: (416) 857-3930.

      • Drain Cleaning
      • Fix Drain Problems
      • Fix Clogged Drain Pipe
      • Fix Sewer (Drain) Backup
      • No Dig Sewer Line Repair
      • Repair Broken Sewer Line
      • Drain Repair plumbing Toronto
      • Unclog Drain (Sewer) Pipe
      • Free Drain Camera Inspection
      • Drain (Sewer) Pipe Replacement
      • Remove Tree Roots in Sewer Line
      • Affordable Plumbing
      • Professional Plumbers
      • Emergency Plumbing Services
      • The Best Plumbers
      • Licensed Toronto Plumbers Service
      • Toronto plumbing company
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      • Best plumbing services
      • Replacing Pipes Without Digging
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We have combined several Plumbing Companies to provide the best quality work at affordable prices to our customers.

Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program

SPECIAL OFFERWater Line Replacement
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Customer experience

Good Plumbing Service Company

This plumbing company is amazing! Not only did they arrive within an hour of us calling (VERY BIG deal when you have toilets leaking and drains not draining) and after we had been turned down by 4 other plumbing companies but they sent the most helpful and knowledgeable plumber. they was awesome!!!! He knew exactly what was wrong, got right to it and was straight up with the future prognosis and care of our plumbing. We appreciated his tips and honesty! We will definitely be calling them again for drain service!!!!!

Helna Sofi from Toronto

Excellent Plumbing Service

Excellent plumbing services from Toronto Plumbing Group in terms of both repair and revert time. The issue of clogged drain pipe in my house was fixed as soon as I put up a query with them. I shall definitely recommend to use their services.

Ahana Lova from Toronto

Plumbing Installation Services

Toronto plumbing groups is great to do business with. I got exactly what I placed an order for and the time taken by them to deliver was really less. Licensed plumbers and plumbing installation services done were great and at really reasonable price. I would love to deal with them in future for sure, if needed.

Dianz Boutique From Toronto

Emergency Plumbers

Toronto Plumbing Group has been like our family plumber since a decade by Now. I am glad to mention that from resolving the plumbing chaos of our old home to setting up of plumbing system of our new home; Toronto plumbing group has given its fullest in serving with improved and modern plumbing patterns and products; operable in the long run. There is no point of time, where we have found TPG’s plumbers unavailable emergency plumbers are always there to resolve the issues. I will suggest you all to go for TPG without giving a second thought….!!!

Rocky Ahmed from Toronto

Janene from Toronto

I have never understood those who are careless to the property. I’ve dwelled the apartment recently, it’s not a new one, but it could have looked much better. Anyway I don’t wanna live in a stable, so had to do much making it comfortable. One of the biggest troubles was the Draining System and all the lavatory equipment. There were much to be done, so had to take a lot of time and money. I searched for a really good Plumbing Company. Toronto Plumbing Group is great – that’s my personal opinion. They Repaired Draining System, checked the whole Sewer Pipeline, changed all the necessary fitments and Drain Pipes… Generally, did everything, what was needed! If you haven’t still chosen the Plumbing Service, hire them.

Drain Repair Service in Toronto

Great Plumbers!

My bathroom’s turned into a lake recently. I came home after work and found my things floating on the floor! The building I rent the apartment in is rather old, so not surprising pipes are rusty. I called Toronto Plumbing Group, as had already worked with them before and these specialists are much skilled plus have  good prices. So, if you had any trouble with plumbing, don’t hesitate to choose their service!

Vera from Toronto

Cleaning Tree Roots From Sewer Lines

I’ll be short. I am Toronto Plumbing Group client for 5 years already. All the work they had performed for me was great, not a single time I was disappointed! Last week they Cleaned Underground Pipes From Tree Roots to avoid their damage and again the service was great and job really accurate. By the way, the prices they give are really not high, so my only verdict is strongly recommended!

Harrison from Scarborough

Sump Pump Installation

After we’d moved into the house all the time lived under the flood threaten in the basement. I called Toronto Plumbing Group because had no idea in any Draining Technologies, they explained me how Sump Pumps Work and we agreed the time and price for installing. I really liked the service and the quality of the job. Everything works and I’m not afraid of any waters in the basement any more.

Nickolas from North York

Plumbing Services in Etobicoke

I’m going to renovate the bathroom and need the assistance of Professional Plumbers. My parents recommended me Toronto Plumbing Group. We haven’t bought all the necessary tools yet, so the process hasn’t started. I called to the company and received a really Professional Consultation. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the service and leave a review afterwards.

Christina from Etobicoke

Sewer Pipe Cleanout

I hired specialist from Toronto Plumbing Group only once to Install the Sewer Cleanout. They were recommended by my colleague as not very expensive, but Very Professional Service. Frankly speaking, I was afraid to be let down as there’re a lot of charlatans these days, but Toronto Plumbing Group has a good reputation. I do not regret at all! Really Professional team with Great Experience. Thanks for the job!

Arthur from Brampton

Replacement of a Lead Pipe

I used this service to Replace a Lead Pipe of hydro-system. The old one was corroded much and could start Leaking any time. Besides, I was afraid for my health – water from the Old Pipes is not a great thing at all. It took them two days, but the job was done perfect – fast, effective and neat. In future I will call only Toronto Plumbing Group to deal with any cases like this. Call them, guys, they’re really good!

Gordon from Mississauga

Water and drainage systems

Water-line is the main artery of the house, so it’s of great importance to care of it. As for me I regularly hire Plumbers to inspect it to avoid unpleasant surprises. Last few years I work only with Toronto Plumbing Group, they’re highly Professional Specialists and all the work concerning Draining System and Plumbing facilities they perform perfectly. I recommend this service to everyone, as the most reliable and affordable.

Gabriel from Mississauga

Trenchless Pipe Changing

One of the Underground Water Pipes had to be Changed, so the yard was doomed to be dug through. To be short I was amazed! Toronto Plumbing Group applied Pipe-Bursting to change the worn-out pipe. They made only two little holes for a New Pipe to come in and out, and afterwards everything was as before. I’m really grateful for the Perfect Job and Service. Strongly recommend them.

Steven from Scarborough

Plumbing service

What can a silly girl do with her crazy ideas? To find the ones to imply them! I’ve decided to change all in my kitchen and bought a plenty of lavatory: a sink, a faucet, strange big and small pipes… But I knew for sure who will do all the job perfectly – a professional Toronto Plumbing Group-team! I hired the by this or that reason many times, and was never disappointed! They’re great! My biggest recommendations!

Carina from ThornHill

Clogged Sink Drain Kitchen

I’ve dropped a big bottle cork into the Sink in my Kitchen and it stuck there deadly. First water little by little came through, but soon the Clog was unmovable at all. Toronto Plumbing Group works as an emergency service, so after the call a plumber came at once and cleaned out everything. I recommend this company very much and advise everyone hire them!

Carol from North York

Waterproofing my Basement Walls

Constant humidity in my basement made me worry long ago. There were never too much water, but dampness caused fungus all around – a very unpleasant thing. By the way it is also much dangerous for the walls, as starts destroying them at once! So, I finally hired Toronto Plumbing Group and they Waterproofed my Basement (Walls and Floor), and the situation got much better! I’m defended from underground waters and can fight against fungus with much advance.

Victor from Etobicoke

Low Pressure of Water

I’m giving a review little bit beforehand, but still I must write it. I’m gonna hire the guys in a few weeks to solve my Problem with a Water-Line, but I’m already pleasantly surprised with the service! When I called them and explained the trouble, the asked me a lot of questions, then came to clear the situation, all the time so much polite and helpful! They explained me everything step by step! A really great team! I’m sure to be satisfied with the future job!

Julia from Oakville

Drain Pipe-Line Repair. Pipe-Bursting Technology.

When the worker told me the Pipe-Line should be Changed I was shocked – my perfect  lawn and the bushes are my dignity, and that all is in front of the house underground! Toronto Plumbing Group promised to keep my beauty in order and damage the view of my yard as less as possible. They used Pipe-Bursting Technology, so dug only a few holes and it was easy to hide that afterwards. I recommend these guys as highly-skilled professionals!

Robert from North York

Pipe Repairs

I hired guys from Toronto Plumbing Group several time for Plumbing Services – new lavatory installation, kitchen sink and faucet replacement and last time for Repairing a Water-Supplying Pipe in the Basement. The system is already old so many of pipes got rusty, and one of them started leaking. To change the system costs too much, so the technician proposed me to Repair the Pipeand waterproof it. He wrapped it into some kind of material. in the end, I was satisfied with the quality of the done job and saved my money.

Christina from Toronto

Changing old clay weeping tile

Our old clay weeping tile had lost its properties an needed to be changed. A lot of different companies propose their service for that, but I decided to hire Toronto Plumbing Group. These guys work really fast and professionally, have modern equipment, and what is the most pleasant very skilful and polite staff. They’re providing guarantee on their service, so I’m gonna call only them for anything concerning my draining system.

Ben from Etobicoke

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